Kenkraft roots

Kenkraft roots

Kenkraft started at the current site in 1971 by Ken Steinley.

Ken’s love for the outdoors, camping, fishing and hunting required a need to supply himself, his family and friends.

Ken soon realized this was an opportunity to build a business of supply to custom campers and provide RV repairs to the Okanagan.

His son Sandy said:

“There was a business in Spokane by the name of White Elephant, where local people would go to purchase outdoor supplies.”

In that same spirit, the progression was to grow the family business to become the Okanagan source to outdoor enthusiasts for all of the hunting and fishing supplies they would need.

Kenkraft, now 50 years later, is one of the oldest RV centers in the province of British Columbia, a family owned and operated business that caters to everyone who loves the outdoors.

It really is the “complete outdoor store”, in the sense that you can have your RV repaired here while you stock up on everything you need for camping, including hunting and fishing gear and licenses.

"Ken for Kenkraft" — Loved the outdoors, building and fixing anything mechanical.
Kenneth Victor Steinley - Owner of KenKraft
Kenneth Victor Steinley, 1933 - 2018
Founder - Owner of KenKraft